Privacy Policy


1. In terms of Section 14 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, everyone has the right to privacy.

2. The right to privacy includes a right to protection against the unlawful collection, retention, dissemination and use of personal information.

3. PSET CLOUD is mindful and aware of the provisions contained in the Protection of Personal Information Act No. 4 of 2013 (“the Act”).

4. As such, the purpose of this privacy policy is for PSET CLOUD to acknowledge every person’s right to privacy and to evidence PSET CLOUD’s compliance with the Act.

5. The policy applies to all of PSET CLOUD’s dealings with all persons, both natural and juristic, during the course of PSET CLOUD fulfilling its stated objectives and purpose (from time to time) in the educational and related sectors in South Africa.

Collection / accumulation of personal information 

6. In the course of PSET CLOUD fulfilling its objective and purpose, as a consequence thereof we collect and/or accumulate personal data on an ongoing basis.  This is done for purposes of conducting research, surveys, planning, monitoring and evaluating primarily in the education and education related fields.

7. PSET CLOUD collects personal information from data subjects which include, without limitation, learners, students, teachers, lecturers, heads of departments, principals, government employees, graduates and the like in the process of carrying out research and projects.

8. In general terms, the personal information collected from data subjects by PSET CLOUD includes, without limitation, names and surnames, telephone and/or cell phone numbers, email addresses, identity numbers and SACE numbers.

9. Personal information is collected by PSET CLOUD in various ways including through field work (either paper based or electronically), by way of telephone surveys or through other electronic means.

10. Personal information is collected by PSET CLOUD in order to carry out research, assess levels of achievement in assessments, determine sampling methodology and draw samples, implement projects and for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

11. The broad purpose of PSET CLOUD collecting this personal information is done with a view to uplifting, improving and facilitating the effective operation of education as a basic human right throughout South Africa.

12. In the interests of transparency and to evidence further compliance with the Act, PSET CLOUD has recorded and implemented a data confidentiality protocol, the contents of which are available on PSET CLOUD’s website,, titled PSET CLOUD Data Confidentiality Protocol.  The terms of such protocol record the basis on which PSET CLOUD collects personal information or data, for what reason and how it is stored.


13. In accordance with Section 14 of the Act, PSET CLOUD will not retain personal information any longer than is necessary for achieving the purpose for which the information was collected.

14. Records of personal information may be retained by PSET CLOUD for longer periods for historical, statistical or research purposes subject to the safeguards PSET CLOUD already has in place to protect such records against unwarranted disclosure or use.

15. PSET CLOUD will destroy or delete a record of personal information or de-identify same as soon as reasonably practicable after PSET CLOUD is no longer authorised to retain the record in question.

16. PSET CLOUD records that it uses cookies or similar technologies and services.  A cookie is a string of information that the PSET CLOUD website stores on a data subject’s computer or device and that the data subject’s browser provides to the PSET CLOUD website each time the data subject returns.  PSET CLOUD uses cookies to help identify and track data subjects (visitors to the PSET CLOUD website) and assess their preferences. Data subjects who do not wish to partake in PSET CLOUD’s utilisation of cookies have the option to opt out of same.


17. In accordance with Section 19 of the Act, PSET CLOUD has taken all reasonable measures to secure the integrity and confidentiality of personal information in its possession or under its control by taking all appropriate, reasonable technical and organisational measures to prevent the loss of or damage to such personal information and also to prevent the unlawful access to or processing of personal information in PSET CLOUD’s possession or under its control.

18. The personal information in PSET CLOUD’s possession is stored in the Google cloud, based on a company-specific agreement.  The information technology department (“IT department”) of PSET CLOUD has implemented several policies aimed at securing the integrity of all personal information in PSET CLOUD’s possession. PSET CLOUD has implemented firewall policies to secure and protect any personal information in digital form in PSET CLOUD’s possession.

19. Encryption has been implemented on a network level.

20. In terms of PSET CLOUD’s IT operations policy, its data management facilities co-ordinate the back-up and disaster recovery plans for PSET CLOUD on a continual basis.  The security management protocols in place at PSET CLOUD are contained in this IT operations policy.

21. In terms of PSET CLOUD’s technology standards policy, personal information in the possession of PSET CLOUD is protected and managed with the assistance of various technologies related to PSET CLOUD’s databases and data warehousing, file formats, data interfaces and the like.

22. In terms of the PSET CLOUD IT security policy, access to PSET CLOUD’s IT systems and, in particular, its personal information is well protected and carefully managed. The IT security policy is also available on the PSET CLOUD website at

Personal information of minors / children 

23. In accordance with Sections 34 and 35 of the Act, PSET CLOUD does not process personal information concerning any child unless PSET CLOUD has obtained the prior consent of a competent person.

24. PSET CLOUD records that in terms of Section 1 of the Act a competent person is any person legally competent to consent to any action or decision being taken in respect of any matter concerning a child.

Data subject’s rights 

25. You have the right to refuse divulging personal information to PSET CLOUD which you can do by opting out of any request for the same at any point in time.

26. Should you have provided your consent to PSET CLOUD for it to take and hold your personal information previously, you have the right to withdraw that consent and insist on the return or destruction of any such personal information under PSET CLOUD’s control or in its possession at any time.

27. Please note that in all assessments conducted by PSET CLOUD every effort is made to comply with each and every law or ethical standard which may be relevant. As such PSET CLOUD complies with the dictates of the Health Professions Council of South Africa when applicable and with the terms of the Children’s Act No 38 of 2005 as amended whenever children are involved.

Information officer 

28. In terms of Section 55 of the Act PSET CLOUD records that its information officer,


29. In the event of any personal information in PSET CLOUD’s possession becoming obsolete or same no longer being needed by PSET CLOUD, it will be deleted, destroyed or de-identified in total.

30. In the event of PSET CLOUD needing to disclose personal information to third parties in the furtherance of its aforesaid objectives, PSET CLOUD will enter into an agreement with such third party, which agreement will include contractual protections compelling the third party in question not to divulge such personal information or act in contravention to the Act.

31. For the purposes of the prevention or detection of offenses and/or the apprehension or prosecution of offenders, PSET CLOUD may share any information obtained or collected with the South African Police Services or other public or private sector agencies or representative bodies in accordance with the relevant legislation.

32. This policy will be reviewed every two years or as necessary.

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