PSET CLOUD Architecture

The PSET CLOUD is built on principles of data sovereignty. As such, any data processed by the PSET CLOUD will remain under the ownership of its originating institution. The PSET CLOUD working in collaboration with and with the permission of institutions will clean and align datasets for compatibility with PSET CLOUD’s data processing system. The PSET CLOUD exposes a standards based Application Programming Interface (API) that allows institutions to push data into or pull data from the PSET CLOUD. APIs are software connections that enable information to be accessed from or transmitted to a host environment without altering it via an authenticated API key. The PSET CLOUD also provides an integration layer that allows the PSET CLOUD to push securely and pull the data from various institutions.

Based on the interactions between institutions and the PSET CLOUD, data will undergo further cleaning, analysis, and processing to have an overall data-derived picture that speaks to different stakeholders that use the PSET CLOUD for their unique use cases. These stakeholders will interact with the PSET CLOUD data through the web interface or portal, wherein they will register and access the data relevant to them and their use cases. This information that stakeholders can access from the interface is continuously changing as new input data from contributing institutions comes in and gets processed for the latest insights. As such, a policymaker, an employer, an institution of higher learning, a job seeker will all be interacting with the PSET CLOUD for live insights on how the PSET sector looks like for them. Furthermore, they will look at how can they use this information to make streamlined and informed decisions that positively influence the sector.

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