Dr. Rooksana Rajab

Dr. Rooksana Rajab, is the director of Resonance Consulting Services. She is an organisational development and systems thinking expert with a human centred approach. Her focus is on innovation to lead effectively, work collaboratively and drive results for change. She has been an academic in higher education, involved in national policy development and founded a successful skills development institute. She has served on the National Skills Authority, the South African Qualifications Authority, chaired a working committee of the HRD Council and served as APPETD Chairperson for five years. Rooksana has a Doctorate in Management, Innovation and Technology and is currently a senior associate of JET Education Services, GIBBS and the Da Vinci Institute. She has published and presented at both national and international conferences. Most recently her focus has been on ethics and governance in relation to data in this fast paced technological era.

rooksana@jet.org.za | LinkedIn

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