Kelly Shiohira

Kelly Shiohira is currently the Executive Manager of the Research and Data Ecosystems Division at JET Education Services. She is an experienced educational development professional who works across the value chain of research, strategy and planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation to ensure high-quality programmes, policies and support to education. Her areas of specialisation are technology for education and development, literacy acquisition and skills development. She has led and contributed to a number of large-scale research and implementation projects in the South African education sector and internationally, including the Bridges to the Future Initiative, a literacy through technology programme which won the UNESCO Confucius Prize.

As a member of the PSET CLOUD, Kelly is engaged in the translation of theory and best practices in interoperability into practice for South Africa. Among others, she contributed to best-practice research and key findings outlined in Interoperable Data Ecosystems: A Review to Inform a South African Innovation. Kelly is also active in international conversations and research around the use of artificial intelligence in education, both as a researcher and a member of the advisory council for the EdSAFE Alliance. Her recent research contributions include AIK-12 Curricula: A Mapping of Government-Endorsed AI Curricula; Understanding the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Skills Development; Artificial Intelligence and Inclusion: A Compendium of Promising Initiatives; the Virtual Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Skills Development, and a forthcoming book chapter on more meaningful integration of AI into advanced classroom pedagogies.


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