Dr. Bangani Ngeleza

Dr. Bangani Ngeleza is an organisational development, strategic management and facilitation specialist with extensive experience working with governments and the development sector locally and internationally. His experience in the SA Post School Education and Training Sector includes amongst others, supporting with the repositioning of the National Skills Authority as a Centre of Excellence for Monitoring and Evaluation. He is also supporting with the ongoing organisational review of the National Skills Fund. He chaired Ministerial Panel of experts that advised the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology on the quality of Sector Education and Training Authorities’ Sector Skills Plans, Strategic Plans and Annual Performance Plans. His doctoral studies focused on developing a strategic management framework for Technology Migration to Free Open Source Software in the South African public sector. As an Associate of Jet Education Services, his role entails planning, monitoring and evaluation support to the PSET CLOUD Programme. He is a member of the Strategic Management Society, an international association of strategic management researchers and practitioners.

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